Thursday, September 29, 2005

US owes it to the world

PV Vivekanand

NONE of the findings of various investigations, official and unofficial, into the Sept.11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington has satisfactorily and logically provided answers to the multitude of questions that were raised immediately after the unprecedented terrorist attack against the US. Washington has not released the full report of the findings of the official investigation.
The key question had always been: How could a group of Middle Eastern Arab Muslims penetrate the high-security American aviation system, mislead the country's air defences into inaction despite reported hijackings and then slam the aircraft into landmarks in New York and Washington?
There had to help from within. Who provided that help, why and how?
It had to someone or an organisation or group that stood to benefit from the fallout of the attacks. There is no doubt that Israel was the sole beneficiary of the attacks, which resulted in a deep schism between the Arab/Muslim worlds and the US and were used as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq and ouster of a regime which was deemed to be a hurdle in Israel's quest for regional domination. Next targets in the US-led war against terror that was launched post-9/11 are two other sworn enemies of Israel — Iran and Syria. It is only a matter of time and method before the US destabilises both countries and thus remove them as potential threats or challenges to Israel.
As such, it is only natural that one would look a bit closer at the scenario and realise that the Israelis possess the cunningness, intelligence, technology, and expertise and, above all, the right connections in the corridors of power in Washington to have carried out of a false flag operation and ensured that Arabs and Muslims were blamed for it.
It would not be the first of last time Israel carried out such an operation.
The meticulously recorded facts — supported by American official documents and intelligence findings accepted as accurate by the US establishment — presented in the memorandum drawn up by respected lawyer Gerald Shea give a massive boost to the suspicion — indeed conviction of many — that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks.
The Bush administration owes it not only to the Americans but also the entire international community to conduct a public inquiry into the issues raised in the Shea memorandum and let is findings be known to the world if only because the 9/11 attacks changed the face of the world forever, with the developing world paying the highest price.